Hi, I’m Steve Luther.  I’ve created The Complete, Proven, Step-by-Step System for Christian parents to heal their hurting children without having to become a psychologist.

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We understand the healthy skepticism. Frankly we’d be surprised if you didn’t ask any tough questions. We want to be transparent and show you what time, money and effort would look like to move forward without us.

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“For seven years, we have seen traumatic stress counselors, psychiatrists, family therapists and group therapists, without success... These trauma based christian strategies and encouragement have been exactly what my husband and I needed. The coaching and time spent learning how to deal with ongoing situations has yielded great benefits for our family.”

— A Trauma Based Christian Parent


"I recently began seeing a young man for issues with behavioral concerns, anger, and identity issues. After our first session I suggested that the parents attend Steve's My Kids parenting class. Within the first two weeks I noticed a dramatic change in the son’s attitude and demeanor. The parents were overwhelmed with excitement over the knowledge they received, the practical tools they were able to apply, and most importantly the changes they were seeing in their son! By the end of the session, both the parents and their son were reporting that home had become a much healthier, safer, and more pleasant atmosphere for all of them. There is still some work to do on both ends. However, there was a dramatic, significant, and noticeable change with both the child and the parents, and progress is definitely evident!"

— A Counselor For Trauma Based Christian Parenting


“Thank you for facilitating the My Kids boot camp. It was pivotal for us in learning how to effectively parent our RAD daughter. What a difference it has made for our whole family . Frankly , it has helped us across the board in our marriage, friendships, family relationships, and professional relationships. We would highly recommend this "boot camp" for parents who are challenged in raising attachment disorder children . Honestly , we are filled with hope and promise now more than ever!”

— JD & SD TBCP Members