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The short answer is - no. It’s worth much, much more. Let me explain.

This course has a value of $2,540 in the first year and a repeating $1,590 every year after that. Now I know that sounds like a lot. How do you value that? There’s our 10 module course, our continuing additions (Facebook Live, Live Webinar, additional modules) and year round personalized member support. Let’s start with the modules:

There are 10 modules in this course. Each module has averages out to be an hour long. I’ve spent the last 20 years researching, trialing and revamping these courses. Also an hour of my time in a one-on-one counseling environment is over $100, sometimes much more depending on the type of counseling. Once you factor in the recording, editing and web-development the market market value for these 10 modules are:


Now for those continuing additions. You have 20-years of research and experience continuing to refine and improve this course every year for you. I’m always adding live webinars on pertinent hot topics or sensed needs from the Private Facebook Group. I grow this course year round. The time for research, development and distribution has a market value of :


Our member support is unmatched. Factor in your access to me and the support of other parents who are moving through the course work (some who’ve been improving their understanding for several years) in our private Facebook group 24/7. Our valuation is based upon receive help on 4-6 challenges a year. Many of our members get more help than that.



That brings the total Value to $2540 in the first year and $1,590 every year after that.

So the question is, why doesn’t it cost more. Ok, Steve, I get that it’s worth so much but then why charge for it? Why are you going to put the burden of additional funds needed on these adoptive and foster care parents?

That’s simple. I don’t want this to be cost prohibitive. In fact if I was independently wealthy (gee that’d be nice) I would want to give this away except for ONE MASSIVE EXCEPTION: Those who invest their resources in this, I find, end up actually succeeding. When we get things for free our desire to work and improve diminishes. Our hearts are just not bent on making it happen. We want to deliver the maximum value possible while simultaneously stimulating the maximum effort possible. Our vision is to see families healed and our process is designed to do just that.

Also, your investment in Trauma Based Christian Parents helps us to create scholarships and partial discounts for those that are on government assistance or otherwise would never be able to afford this course. Your investment gives back. Pretty cool huh!?

The next question you are probably asking is: What separates you from all other parenting help?

Here are our 4 distinctives:


The Four Distinctives

 Brain Science Based

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Most parenting advice backfires in the case of most traumatized children. Our system is designed with your child’s brain in mind.

 Biblically Grounded

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God offers real change and we have access to deep spiritual healing in Jesus Christ. Every aspect of our system is rooted in God’s word and is designed around biblical principals.

 Parent Empowering

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We come along side you a guide you step-by-step in how to best care for your child. Our system is designed to make you the peacemakers of your home.

 Trauma Healing

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Ultimately, we want to see our children have peace and be healed. Our system is proven to create and environment where deep emotional, psychological and spiritual healing can come to fruition in your child and yourself.


Finally, we find most people want to know the nuts and bolts of the system. What do I get. Here it is:

Your Guide to The System

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Watch the 10 module foundational course to empower you and free you from the chaos. Then stay active and watch the additional training materials which are added regularly for ongoing growth.


Join our members only Facebook group, attend regular live webinars and connect with others on a similar journey.

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Don’t stay stuck! I’ve done this in my family and I can guide you step by step through the process of thriving as a family. No child and no family is too far gone. There is always hope in God. Let me show you!